The Curriculum at Elsworth Primary C.E. School

In September 2014 a new National Curriculum was introduced.  It includes the learning objectives for all subject areas and details what should be taught in each year group.


At Elsworth Primary School we teach through a topic based approach where subjects are linked together (where possible) and this encourages children to make links in their learning.  For example, children might be asked to make a non-fiction book in English all about animals that live in the sea.


In our Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes the topic is different each half term, whereas in Key Stage 2 children study a different topic each term.  Topics may take on a historical, scientific or geographical theme on which the majority of learning is based.


We also try to link special days, visitors and trips to these topics.


Click on the links below to see what individual classes are up to and their current curriculum topic maps.


Fun Learning!

At Elsworth Primary School we try to make learning as interactive and fun as possible.  We have a good understanding of how our children learn and what they enjoy.


Children learn best through a variety of different styles. 


They may be auditory learners, where they retain information through listening; they may show themselves to be visual leaners, where what they see helps them; or children may be kinaesthetic learners whereby some form of “doing” is preferred.


At Elsworth, all the staff work hard to ensure a variety of different approaches is regularly used in the classroom, not only to ensure children access their preferred learning styles, but also to give children choices and make learning fun!

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